About Us

The company started as Fong's Confectionery in 1983 as a maker and wholesaler of cakes. In 1993, J & C (Fong's) Food Industrial was formed. J & C specialises in the manufacturing of assortments of cakes, pineapple tarts, cream puffs and almond cookies. Our products are being sold and distributed to school’s canteens, office canteens, office and home deliveries, Muslim and Chinese weddings, restaurants, and residential committee functions.

J & C aims to provide safe food at all times. We have all along been emphasizing on our Food Safety since our incorporation, and this has always been the core confidence factor that we are providing to all our valued customers.

"Food Safety is What We Provide" is our slogan, and we strive to constantly disseminate and sustain this policy among the people in our organization. All our staffs are well equipped with ample knowledge to be able to identify hazards, control our product temperatures and recognise the contamination risks in all our products. We assure all our staffs to follow a high and stringent "food safety" standard - from the receiving of our raw food materials to storage, preparation, baking, and transportation of our finished products to our customers.