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  • - 3 days upon confirmation / Payment Term: Cash On Delivery
  • - Min Order: S$50
  • - Delivery charge from S$12.80(GST Incl.) ++
  • - Town Areas Delivery at S$23.50 (GST Incl.) per trip
  • - Holiday Season such as Deepavali / Chinese New Year / Hari Raya Delivery Charge at S$23.50++ per trip
  • - ** The price and conditions may be amended or withdrawn without prior notice at the sole discretion of the company


No.Cakes12" x 15"
Per Tray
8" x 12"
(Box Size)
10 Pcs
Mix & Match
8" x 8" (Box Size)
No Cutting
1Banana CakeS$33.50S$17.50S$5.50S$9.50
2Butter CakeS$33.50S$17.50S$5.50S$9.50
3Marble CakeS$33.50S$17.50S$5.50S$9.50
4Chocolate CakeS$33.50S$17.50S$5.50S$9.50
5Chocolate Almond CakeS$33.50S$17.50S$5.50S$9.50
6Double Chocolate CakeS$33.50S$17.50S$5.50S$9.50
7*Banana Walnut (pls order) S$33.50S$17.50S$5.50S$9.50
8Banana Almond Cho ChipS$33.50S$17.50S$5.50S$9.50
9Chocolate Walnut CakeS$33.50S$17.50S$5.50S$9.50
10Butter Walnut CakeS$33.50S$17.50S$5.50S9.50
11Fruit CakeS$50.00S$27.00----
12Pandan Chiffon------S$9.50
13Cake LapisS$29.80 (5"x8")------


No.CakesPer Tray1/2 Tray12" x 5" (Box Size: 24 Pcs)6 Pcs
14Brownies WalnutS$58.50S$30.00S$19.50S$5.50
15Brownies ChocolateS$58.50S$30.00S$19.50S$5.50
16Brownies Cheese MarbleS$58.50S$30.00S$19.50S$5.50
17Brownies White ChocolateS$58.50S$30.00S$19.50S$5.50

Tarts / Puffs

No.CakePrice (S$)
18Egg Tarts (6 Pcs)S$5.30
19Mini Chocolate Tarts (6 Pcs)S$3.90
20Eclair Chocolate/Cream (10 Pcs)S$5.50
21Eclair Chocolate/Cream (25 Pcs)S$12.50
22Eclair Chocolate/Cream (50 Pcs)S$25.00
23Cream Puff (8 Pcs)S$4.50
24Custard Puff (8 Pcs)S$4.50
25Custard Puff (25 Pcs)S$12.50
26Durian Puff (8 Pcs)S$6.00
27Mango Puff (8 Pcs)S$4.50
28Japanese Cheese Cake S$7.00
29Durian Pancake (4 Pcs)S$3.50
30Chocolate Pancake (4 Pcs)S$3.50

Cheese Cakes

No.CakesPer Block(5" x 2.5")5" x 8"8" x 12"
31Brownies Oreo Cheese CakeS$7.00S$30.00S$60.00
32New York Cheese CakeS$6.00S$22.00S$44.00S$36.00 (Promotion)
33Blueberry Cheese CakeS$6.00S$22.00S$44.00S$36.00 (Promotion)
34Oreo Cheese CakeS$6.00S$22.00S$44.00S$36.00 (Promotion)
35Chocolate Cheese CakeS$6.00S$22.00S$44.00S$36.00 (Promotion)
36Raspberry Cheese CakeS$6.00S$22.00S$44.00 S$36.00 (Promotion)


No.Cakes12" x 12"
Per Tray
8" x 12"
(Box Size)
6 Pcs
Mix & Match
8" x 8" (Box Size)
No Cutting
37Tapioca Cake (Subject to availability)S$40.00S$20.00S$4.00--
38Kueh Awol-Awol (Subject to availability)S$40.00S$20.00S$4.00--
39Kueh Kosui (Subject to availability)S$40.00S$20.00S$4.00--
40Kueh Puteri Salat (Subject to availability)S$40.00S$20.00S$4.00--
41Kueh Lapis-Nonya (Subject to availability)S$40.00S$20.00S$4.00--
42Kueh Pandan Kaya (Subject to availability)S$40.00S$20.00S$4.00--
43Kueh Ondeh Ondeh (Subject to availability)S$18.00 (5"x8")---------

Swiss Rolls

No.Swiss RollPrice
44Swiss Roll (15")S$8.00
45Mini Durian Roll (11")S$9.50
46Mini Hazelnut Cream Pandan Roll (11")S$7.50
47Mini Hazelnut Cream Chocolate Roll (11")S$7.50
48Mini Mango Roll (11")S$7.50
49Mini Pandan Kaya Roll (11")S$7.50