Chinese New Year Price List

Note: (As Updated on 09/01/2017)

  • - 3 days upon confirmation / Payment Term: COD
  • - Min Order: S$50
  • - Delivery charge from S$12.80(GST incl.) ++
  • - Town Areas Delivery at S$23.50 (GST incl.) per trip
  • - Holiday Season such as Deepavali / Chinese New Year / Hari Raya Delivery Charge at S$23.50++ per trip
  • - ** The price and conditions may be amended or withdrawn without prior notice at the sole discretion of the company

Note: For customers who intend to order cookies

  • - There will be no acceptance of order for other cookies other than Pineapple Tarts
  • - Last date for order will be on the 19/01/2017
Chinese New Year CookiesPrice (S$)
Pineapple Tart (Bottle)32'sS$19.80
Pineapple Tart (Gift Box)24'sS$16.80
Love Letter (Bottle)+/-80S$12.00
Love Letter (Tin)+/-100S$15.00
Almond Cookies (Bottle)400geS$15.00
Prawn Roll400geS$12.00
Kueh Bangkit330geS$13.00
Kok Zai450geS$12.00
Crabmeat Stick220ge$10.00
Seaweed Cracker260ge$10.00

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